1359 - A Lazy Boy

Time Limit : 1 Second

Memory Limit : 256 MB

Submission: 387

Solved: 74

Wincat is favor with computer game, yesterday he played computer game until 2:00, He is so tired that he even forgot that his English teacher had arranged homework.
Today, He just realized this terrible problem when wincat wake up. He is so worry about to be punished. He know that you are good at both English and programming. So he turns to your help.
This homework is to fixed the alphabet in a sentence which should be upper letter but don`t and which should be lower letter but also don`t.
As we all know that “I” should always be upper letter when he appears as a word. and every alphabet that appears at the first of the sentence should be upper, other should be lower.
The input contains multiple test cases, each test contains a sentence in one line. We Guarantee that there the sentence will be only contains Alphabet, “ ’ ” “ . ” ” , ” and blank space. there will be blank space everywhere, you should not remove it.
A test will contains at most 200 elements.
A sentence in a line which contains the correct format.
sample input
don’t give your child too much MoNey.
sample output
Don’t give your child too much money.
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