1602 - Substring

Time Limit : 2 Second

Memory Limit : 64 MB

Submission: 772

Solved: 174

This problem is quiet easy.

Initially, there is a string A.


Then we do the following process infinity times.

 A := A + “HUSTACM” + A


For example, if a = “X”, then

After 1 step, A will become “XHUSTACMX”

After 2 steps, A will become “XHUSTACMXHUSTACMXHUSTACMX”


Let A = “X”, Now I want to know the characters from L to R of the final string.
Multiple test cases, in each test case, there are only one line containing two numbers L and R.

1 <= L <= R <= 10^12

R-L <= 100
For each test case, you should output exactly one line which containing the substring.
sample input
5 10
sample output

Problem Setter : Yang Xiao
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